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 Great European Hanguldo Seminar in Eschweiler (Germany).

On April 24, the first seminar was held in Eschweiler (Germany). Represented were: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Togo. We would like to thank master Josef (President of the European Hanguldo Federation) for his unlimited patience and master Gaby, his wife, for the hospitality and care.

A must for anyone who likes the way of the korean sword.


From left to right:

Masters: Josef Römers (DE), Emilio Iglesias López (NL), Detlef Fischer, Jeannette Robe (CH), Komi Bernard Agbopletou (TG).

















Emilio-Kwanjangnim                                                                                                                                                                                   Audi-Jokyonim and Emilio-jr.